Hi, I'm Joanna.

I’m a dance teacher with a dream of helping people of all shapes and sizes find joy in moving their bodies.

I’ve spent much of my life either exercising to “fix” my body or being too sick, tired, overwhelmed and depressed to exercise much at all.

Now, I teach people to move their bodies in ways that are gentle, joyful, and healing, no matter their emotional or physical struggles.

Your body was made to move.

But life doesn't always make that easy. Maybe you're dealing with:

• negative feelings about your body

• chronic illness or fatigue

• pain or limited mobility

• unresolved trauma or shame

• depression or anxiety

• limited time

Whatever your situation, there are ways you can move that will help you thrive physically & emotionally. I’d love to teach you how.

Take the next step by trying out my FREE class:

4 Simple Steps Toward Less Stress, Tension and Pain

Are you local to the Rochester, NY area? You're in luck! I teach in-person dance classes for adults of all experience levels at Rochester Dance Theatre! Check out our website for more info.

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